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The Olympics and Sport Psychology

Sport Psychology becomes very important during the Olympics for some athletes, like Magdalena Neuner. Neuner is a German biathlete (skier and rifle shooter) who recognizes that

One has to understand that physical fitness alone isn’t sufficient. My mental training is very complex and it makes me believe in myself…. To control your mind is more difficult than to control your body.

American athletes also use sport psychologists to train themselves mentally for the game. Notably, Lindsey Vonn (skier) and Scott Lago (snowboarder) use sport psychologists to help them overcome their anxieties before a game using techniques like visualization and biofeedback.

Despite the use of sport psychologists by many, however, some mock the use of sport psychology. Specifically, a Swedish reporter says

There are only losers who use sports psychologists. My God, when athletes start to scream for psychologists is when we know that they have already lost.

Also, it has been reported that the Swedes look down on the Norwegians who have

a bit desperately called in an entire army of mumbo-jumbo talk.

(See articles in the Washington Post and Christian Science Monitor).

-Posted by Ashley