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Calorie Wars

Essentially, we all know that Americans have a large health problem in terms of obesity and related disorders (e.g., diabetes, heart disease). Here is some interesting information about the best way to help persuade Americans to trim down!

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Juvenile Delinquency, Competency, and Neurological Assessments

For my first post, I thought it would be cool (and so did Tyler) to share some research I have been involved with during my first two years at UND (and will be writing up for publication soon, I hope!).

Essentially, Dr. April Bradley and Dr. Roni Mayzer at UND were awarded a grant for this research. The study was investigating a variety of factors related to juvenile delinquency. We wanted to compare two groups of juveniles – those who were considered “status offenders” and those considered actually “delinquents”. Status offenders (or unruly juveniles) are juveniles who are in trouble for engaging in behaviors that are only illegal because of their status as a juvenile. This would include crimes such as smoking/possessing cigarettes, drinking/possessing alcohol, truancy, running away from home, being an unruly juvenile, etc. Delinquency crimes would be anything that would illegal for anyone, regardless of age (e.g., theft, assault, illicit drug use/possession, sex offenses).

Basically, we gave them a large battery of tests and surveys, and the psychosocial factors came out to be irrelevant in general. However, results did show some neurological differences and differences on the competency measure (MacCAT-CA). Unruly juveniles (status offenders) had much better planning, reasoning, and overall executive function scores. Additionally, unruly juveniles had better MacCAT-CA scores, suggesting they would better be able to use an attorney’s services appropriately, understand court proceedings, and be able to reason through what is going on in the court. The unruly juveniles also had better verbal comprehension scores than the delinquent juveniles.

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